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Introduction to Law in a Nutshell

Introduction to Law in a Nutshell

Introduction to Law in a Nutshell

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Hukuk Kitapları / Genel Hukuk

I would like to express my pleasure at the sucesss that this textbook has enjoyed at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University where it has been integrated into the syllabus of the Faculty. Feedback from students who use this textbook has been overwhelmingly positive. For instance, according to one of the most successful students, “the textbook for reading and understanding especially for students is clear amd straight to the point. It's a very good book and it was layered really well.” It has confirmed that basic organization and features of this textbook are satisfying. In the meantime, I am most grateful for the comments and corrections offered by students for whom this textbook has become a useful learning tool.

Law and law eduction is not, nor will it never be, a static entity. Due to the new governmental system of Turkey, there are new changes in terms of the sources of law (especially Presidential Decrees), constitutional law and administrative law etc. Any useful textbook dealing with law must reflect these changes. As a result, where applicable, the law is updated in this textbook. Neverthless, it must be noted that the structure remains similar, but includes additional information on the chapters where it deems necessary. Therefore, this second edition represents a thorough update and revision edition of the first edition. Students studying for political sciences will find much material which introduces them to most of the foundation subjects, as well as familiarising them with legal concepts, legal methods and many aspects of the Turkish legal system.

Finally, due to a forthcoming textbook of Constitutional Law in a nutshell, I have slightly changed the title of the first edition of textbook as Introduction to Law in a nutshell. Hopefully, the “In a Nutshell” series will be helpful introductions to the law in a variety of subjects such as general principles of constitutional law, Turkish administrative law and the law of Turkish administrative procedure.

Barkod : 9786053008415

Yayın Tarihi : 2019 Eylül

Kapak Türü : Karton Kapaklı

Kağıt Türü : I.Hamur

Baskı Sayısı : 2

Sayfa Sayısı : 364

Ebat : 16x23,5

Takım :

Dili : İngilizce

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