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International Construction Law

International Construction Law

International Construction Law

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There are many different types of construction projects such as the building of a private house or the construction of tunnels and viaducts across mountains. But the main purpose of different construction projects is to complete the work to the agreed standart and to do so on time and on budget. The effect of Information Technology on global construction is a reality and the implications for construction disputes are obvious. This book throws fresh light on the management and settlement of disputes in a number of countries including Turkey. The book also reveals that many problems are not limited to particular jurisdictions or cultures and there are inherent features of the construction sector and its disputes.
This book targets to assist to those engaged in drawing up or advising upon construction contracts. I would like to thank each of all contributors. I am also indebted to Mrs. R. Özgün KEHYA for kindly reviewing the publication. My thanks also go to Mr. Serhat ÖZER for his constant encouragement and helpful comments on the content of this book. Of course, I remain, alone, responsible for all shortcomings of my book.
I sincerely hope that this book will provide a valuable and practical guide to contractors and civil engineers when they deal with the management and resolution of complex disputes arising from different construction projects.

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Yayın Tarihi : 2013 Ocak

Kapak Türü : Karton Kapaklı

Kağıt Türü : I.Hamur

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